New psychodermatology sessions added to e-dermatology

Published: Monday, 27 March 2017

Three new learning sessions on psychodermatology have been added to the e-dermatology programme.

The new sessions are: ‘Introduction to psychosocial management in dermatology’; ‘Psychosocial assessment in dermatology practice’; and ‘Psychological interventions for dermatology patients’.

Stuart Cohen, Joint Clinical Lead for e-dermatology, said: “The creation of these new sessions reflects the importance of psychodermatology in our profession.

“Skin conditions can be linked to profound psychological effects. We need to ensure that clinicians who manage skin disease have a good understanding of this potential psychological impact and are aware of ways to help patients with this aspect of their condition.

“We hope that this new learning material will play a role in supporting training and continuing professional development in this area.”

e-dermatology, which has been produced by the British Association of Dermatologists and Health Education England, features more than 160 sessions on wide-ranging topics, including skin cancer, inflammatory skin disease and infection.

The content includes a variety of interactive features, such as photos, case studies and self-assessment exercises. Learners can improve their diagnostic skills using scenario-based exercises in a virtual ward setting.

The material is suitable for both trainee dermatologists and fully qualified specialists alike. e-dermatology can be used both before and after classroom training, tutorials and clinical work, helping to enhance the overall learning outcomes and make the best use of teaching time.

For further details, please go to the e-dermatology programme page.